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This is the secondary website of PHOTEK. Please visit to visit our main website. Images for the TIGHAR/EARHART project are temporarily stored here. Information for 5 rolls of film is provided below. Click on the link corresponding to view each roll. The images on this website are 800x600 JPGs (250KB). High-resolution TIFFs are available (B/W 35MB; Color 105MB)

Roll A  Roll B  Roll C  Roll D  Roll E

Background Information

One of the loose ends remaining from Bone Search II in 2003 was the converting to digital format photographs from a series of developed negatives donated to TIGHAR by Gerard Dennis Murphy, MD, with the consent of his daughter Denise Laura (Murphy) Keith.

The 69 year old negatives were discovered in Fiji in a metal box which contained the personal papers and other personal articles of Francis Ivor Fleming, a former Colonial Officer on Canton Island 1938-1942. Fleming, just prior to his death in 1968, gave the box and its contents to Dr. Murphy, who was Fleming’s attending physician and close personal friend. Murphy retained possession of the box and its contents until Marty and I interviewed him in 2003. Dr. Murphy passed in 2004.

The condition of the film ranges from “very poor” to “good”. One roll of film is quite degraded and displays evidence of having been exposed to long term humidity or other adverse environmental conditions. Several rolls are very brittle.

With the consent of Denise Murphy Keith the film was delivered to Jeff Glickman for examination and, if possible, conversion to digital format.

The long and arduous task of converting approximately 200 photographic negatives to digital format has been completed.

These images have been temporarily posted here for viewing and discussion.”

– Roger Kelley, TIGHAR  1/4/2007